Guest Blog: How to Choose a VA for Your Home Business

Congratulations! You have left the rat race and are now your own boss! Exciting isn’t it? You now have the flexibility you’ve dreamed of and your business is growing. Sometimes, though, the little administrative details ‘get in the way’ of growing your business. You are considering adding a member to your team and would like [...] Read more »

The ABC Formula To Your Niche Home Business Success

Who or what takes the blame when your niche home business success is slower than you’d like it to be? The recession, the types of products or services you’re selling, policies, rules, regulations, and many more are reasons people attribute to failure to achieve profitability. However, if you take a step back, and really look [...] Read more »

Top 3 Trends For Profitable Niche Markets in 2012

A question I often get asked is how to find trends for profitable niche markets . “Is there a right way to tell just what the next growing trend will be?” 2012, like every new year brings with it the urge to seek out some fresh, possible untapped, or at least, under-served niche markets. But [...] Read more »

Niche Finder: 3 Step Formula To Find A Niche For Your Home Business

The days of the one-size-fits-all product and service are deader than a dodo! A niche finder formula is an essential tool for any entrepreneur wanting to find a niche that’s right for their home based business success. Yet, finding the right niche to hitch is often the first hurdle you face as a newbie entrepreneur. [...] Read more »

Hottest Holiday Gift | Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire has taken the market by storm. It seems like everyone I know plans on either gifting one, or wants someone to gift them the latest Kindle Fire. It’s taken me quite a while to warm to the idea of reading a book on a tablet versus having the pleasure of curling up in [...] Read more »

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